Bullen exclusive - part 2

Last updated : 18 January 2006 By Andy Parsons

The club captain has only started once this season at Watford but he was taken off injured in the 2-1 defeat early on - 'sods law' he called it.

But despite his role coming off the bench this season playing in a manner of positions, Bullen still wants to do well for the club until he is told he is no longer needed.

In the second part of a two-piece interview with Lee, the Scotsman tells Footymad about his future and how he watches games from a supporter's perspective.

Bully on a possible move away from Hillsborough...

"Fortunately that’s not a decision for me to make, it’s a decision to be made by Sheffield Wednesday, Paul Sturrock or the chairman so as far as that has to be decided then that’s up to the club. Should they have a change of heart and they allow me to move on then at that point I will do what’s right for me, but up to that point I will always do what’s right for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and I think that’s the way it should be."

Bullen on watching from the bench instead of playing...

"It’s frustrating. Even when you are injured and know that you can’t play, you are trying to kick every ball, you are up cheering whenever there is a chance and you are biting your nails every time the opposition is in the area.

"But at the end of the day I think I become a football fan when I am sitting on the bench: you get annoyed when things don’t go your way and excited when the ball hits the back of the net just as any fan in the kop does. You are involved in the team but see it from a totally different perspective and you can understand where the supporter’s views come from sometimes.

"It’s not nice to hear your teammates getting some stick when things are going wrong but there’s no better place to be when things are going right and the atmosphere against Leicester was outstanding, especially in the second half."

Bullen on the Yorkshire derby clash with Leeds this coming Saturday...

"Yeah, Leeds 0 Wednesday 1 would be lovely again! They have been going through a good patch of form recently, with the Brighton game aside (where they lost 2-1) and we could have done with them beating Brighton to be honest. But we are coming off a good victory, so we are brimming with confidence. We will definitely respect and hopefully we can go up there and get the full three points."

Thanks to Lee as always for his time and honesty, one of football's nice guys and that's for sure.

In other news from Hillsborough, Lee Peacock has also left the club - he joins Richard Evans in his contract being terminated my mutual consent so he is free to join another club.