Fans join forces in Wednesday survival bid

WTID, which has already raised pledges of more than £2million from 12 individuals, has secured the backing of all Sheffield Wednesday supporters' groups and joined together with local business people in a bid to take over the ownership and running of the club.

Owner of Gilders Group and lifelong Owls fan Garry Scotting, who has promised to invest £500,000 in the `One Wednesday' Fund, said: "For years now the fans have stood by patiently as rescue plans have been drawn up and torn up. Hopes have been raised and shattered week after week after week.

"Now we're on the brink - and we the fans must stand together and take the future of the club into our own hands. From today the people that really matter - the supporters - must work together in a bid to rescue the club from the ashes and to secure its future."

WTID are in the final stages of establishing a properly regulated investment scheme which should be ready in two weeks' time to take money investments from all those making pledges and the group is confident other wealthy fans will come on board.

Scotting added: "We only have days left to save the club. So in the immediate term we do need these large sums of money from wealthy individuals. But longer term it's vital that all fans play their part in building a brighter tomorrow for Sheffield Wednesday. And I promise the fans they will have a real voice in the running of the club."

Source: PA

Source: PA